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The Staff 

The Crook Department was started by a Slavic man known as Hodzic working for the Russian Mafia (Bratski Krug). The reason for this organization being built was for smuggling drugs to Liberty City, Alderney State, Vice City & San Andreas.

The Russian Mafia, led by Jerkov has had a tension between the Petrovic Family and the Faustin Family back in 2004 each claiming that they run the Bratski Krug. Jerkov hires Hodzic along with an Albanian thug, Gezim to run The Crook Department for selling drugs, smuggling goods, and killing anyone who gets in the way, Slavic or not. The Russian Mafia are in a rivalry with the Hare Krishna and in an intense rivalry with The Zaibatsu Corporation.

Due to Jerkov's unusual antics, Hodzic betrays Jerkov along with his henchmen and joins the real Bratski Krug, working for both Petrovic and Faustin families. However, both have gone through tensions leading through separate territories -- Petrovic Family being powerful in Bohan whilst the Faustin Family gaining control of Hove Beach, Firefly Island, and Beachgate Broker. Because of the separation of the Bratski Krug, The Crook Department settles in Bohan & Broker.

In Fall of 2008, the leader of the Faustin Family, Mikhail himself, gives an order to some Slav to kill Petrovic's son, Lenny. As a result of this, Kenny Petrovic orders Hodzic to kill off Gezim along with other members of the Faustin Family to prove himself loyal. Hodzic attempts to terminate Gezim but fails. Gezim takes off in Algonquin and controls a torn gang called The Commission which has then fallen because of Hodzic and The Crook Department. Some of the members now switched to The Crook Department because of their addiction towards drugs, robbery, gun-running and contract killing.

Today, The Crook Department has become loyal to the Petrovic Family but has used many resources from both Jerkov and Faustin. The Crook Department can be seen driving around in Bulwarks and Schafters along with other Eastern European based vehicles such as the custom made Futo designed by Albanian mechanics. The symbol being the red star was taken from Jerkov without his permission. Jerkov escaping Broker hasn't had an issue with it apparently...