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Feeding Hamsters...

The Staff 

Organization Name:The Crook Department
Abbreviation: TCD
Founder:Edin Hodzic 
Staff:Ryan & Jost_Vice 
Number of members: 19 
Consoles Played: Xbox 360, PS3 & PC
Safehouse Location:Industrial, Northern Gardens, Bohan and Hove Beach, Broker. 
Territories taken over: 4
Territories lost: 1
Territories held: 5
Operations Completed: 1
Operations Failed: 1
Most used vehicle: Schafter 
Most used motorbike:PCJ-600
Most used aircraft:Maverick
Most used seacraft:Dinghy
Most used weapon:Automatic Pistol
Number of Operations: 2
Number of meet ups (360):6
Number of meet ups (PS3):13
Number of meet ups (PC):5
Number of allies: 1
Number of enemies: 1
Favorite multiplayer mode: Party Mode
Favorite time of day: Evening
Favorite Radio Station:Vladivostok FM
Least Favorite Radio Station:IF 99
Most respected crook: Bloodstream
Most disrespected Former crook: Amber
Most Valuable Crook (360): Bloodstream
Most Valuable Crook (PS3): JostVice
Most Valuable Crook (PC): Unlimited
Best Graphic Designer: JostVice
Best Forum Admin: Bloodstream
Best Forum Moderator: Mein