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Feeding Hamsters...

The Staff 

If you ever consider joining The Crook Department, then you must read this before you even bother sending us an application. We do not want you to act immature. That's rule number one... - You know what? Let me just make a list of what you're not supposed to do around here:

1. Do not be immature. There's a limit when fooling around, but being over the top is too much. You must have self control over yourself.
2. No spamming our thread, forum or anything else. That makes us look bad.
3. No flaming other clan members. Be respectful to them please. If you have a problem with one of them, either PM me or them. You choose.
4. I'm a "Grammar Nazi", so if you type "lyke dis", don't bother. You don't have to be over the top like me, but I want to understand what you write.
5. Stay active. I don't want people to just post once, and never bother coming again. There's a certain limit of being inactive. Being inactive for over two weeks is too much, and you will be removed. If you went on vacation or something, that's a different story, but you must notify Unlimited, Capt. Kabel, and I first.

Now that you've read the five easy rules to know, you may copy and paste this application over at our GTAF thread, or our forum if you're worthy enough.

GTAF Username (Please include link!):
A Short Description About Yourself:
Age and Date of Birth:
Why do you want to be in T.C.D:
Do you intend to stay active:
Can you provide us with anything (Ex: graphics, a website, etc.):

Good luck from,
The Crook Department