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Feeding Hamsters...

The Staff 

"The place where at least we understand our accent"

Edin "Bloodstream" Hodzic 
The Founder of The Crook Department - Operates Crvena Zvezda

Born in Montenegro, Edin had moved to Bohan for a new beginning. Edin Hodzic, a professional at being a criminal had a very bad criminal record but did know how to keep his reputation solidly well. His records show that he has been smuggling, killing, stealing, robbing, hotwiring, hustling, and gambling for a long period of time now, and he just doesn't know when to stop.

In the beginning of the new year, Edin recently started to take things way over the top by recruiting a couple of Eastern European Immigrants to his newly found organization called The Crook Department. The elite organization is extremely powerful in Bohan and he didn't do it alone. His former-fellow Albanian friend, Gezim, had helped the TCD a lot during the six months of the company. Anyway, no one knows when Edin Hodzic will surrender, but we do know that The Crook Department is a serious threat to Liberty City.

Ryan "Unlimited" 
The PC Manager of The Crook Department - Operates Balkanski Mozak

Born in San Andreas in the early 1990's, Unlimited moved to the nasty streets of Bohan as a young child. He very quickly learned his place in the area. As he grew up, he became accustom to all the violence and vandalism in Bohan. He saw people hot wiring cars so much he learned how to do it just from watching. He also learned many other skills by seeing them happening around him so much.

One day while walking down the street he was approached by YourNeighborhoodKiller. Expecting to be mugged he pulled out his wallet, but soon put it away after he was offered a position in a new organization called "The Crook Department". He slowly worked his way up through the ranks, and is now on top. He still puts his skills to use to help the organization out where ever he can...

The Playstation 3 Manager of The Crook Department - Operates Russian Bratva

Born in Gostown, a man known as Jost Vice was a professional crook in his hometown. The man was dangerous and was really close to Kabel, a drunk man who always claimed as the captain of the motherland (Russia). Later on in life they've both been recruited to The Crook Department after being recognized by the Hodzic himself. Jost Vice reached success in TCD, but after Kabel.

Today, Jost Vice runs the Russian Bratva and is doing well with his partner in crime, Capt. Kabel. With over eight crooks in the Russian Bratva, it has been the most successful department in TCD right after Gezim left. So far, things are sailing good for Jost and The Crook Department, that nothing can stop Jost or The Crook Department.